The Executive Director, Chris Caffrey

IMG_2688Born in Parma, Ohio, Chris Caffrey is dedicated to helping women, especially those in theater who no longer “qualify” for starring roles. She  retired from a 33-year management career at AT&T to start this theater, which is named in honor of her home town, Parma and their love of Pink Flamingos on their lawns(try googling Pink Flamingos and Parma).

Founder of A Caffrey Girl Production, In 2016, Chris produced two successful plays at the Carl Cherry Center for the Arts, “Parallel Lives” and “Motherhood Out Loud”. Chris is a comedian and has performed for several years with the local improv troupe Mirth-o-Matics. She is also an actress and has performed as Kate in the play, “Sylvia”, at the Paper Wing Theatre, one of the Sisters in “HMS Pinafore”, Bruce Arliss Wharf Theater, the Wicked Witch of the West for Directors Showcase at MPC and the mother in “Picnic”, Directors Showcase, MPC.  She has also appeared in a spec commercial for Guinness Beer and last year filmed a commercial for Konversai.com. Currently she plays the part of Cynthia in Boomer Love, a web series http://boomerloveshow.com

Chris was also listed as the Executive Producer on Rewriting Love, an LGBTQ Documentary produced and directed by Marrock Sedgewick and Reilly Skinner.

In addition to A Caffrey Girl Production, Chris also teaches Adaptive Yoga for the Flexibly Challenged.  She is a Certified Massage Therapist and was trained in Asian Body Work at the Five Branches University in Santa Cruz and San Jose. Her focus is to bring holistic stress management at an affordable price. Chris is also a fabulous Vegan Cook….with an emphasis on what tastes good.

Organizations that Chris belongs to:
International Centre for Women Playwrights, Monterey County Arts Council, Monterey County Theater Alliance,